Atlantic Way Explorer

Connect with us by downloading our app. We aim to replace travel guide books and maps with interactive apps that will not only inform you but guide you to the places of interest.

Our first app is Atlantic Way Explorer, an app designed to bring you to the highlights of Ireland's spectacular Wild Atlantic Way. The app is organised to make navigation easy and information is presented in map for by county and by category. This makes it easy to find castles and forts, birdwatching haunts, inspiring islands and sacred spaces.

Atlantic Way Explorer is the creation of environmentalist Marie Louise Heffernan who was determined to find a way to share the joy of exploring the Wild Atlantic Way. This isn’t some app built by robots and run by algorithms, Marie has visited and experienced each and every stop that can be found using the Atlantic Way Explorer.

Marie Louise has dedicated her career to conservation and wilderness protection and is a director of three companies all of which have environment at their core. She has extensive experience in nature conservation, sustainable development, alternative energy and exploration of Irish wilderness. Her love for the wild beauty of West of Ireland combined with her professional career had given her the unique ability to develop products and services in this field.

Marie Louise thrives on her passion for ecology and sharing her love of nature. Her determination to turn thoughts into action has contributed to her co-establishing Connemara Green, leading wind and solar projects at Lir Energy, and ensuring sustainable development through Aster Environmental Consultants and most recently producing a travel app Atlantic Way Explorer with ecology at its core.

Marie Louise believes that in order to protect nature we must first know it. She farms with her husband in Connemara and has 3 dogs, 3 chickens and 100 sheep.