Jellyfish Warning!

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Up to 100  small stinging jellyfish have washed up in Renvyle. Most of the jellyfish we get here are moon jellyfish which are clear with 4 purple half moon shapes and these are harmless with a very mild sting. However,  these small brown posion packets just 2cm accross are known as Mauve stingers (Pelagia noctiluca). They become purple as get larger. Although they look fairly innocuous these are fairly nasty predators. Their sting can be very painful and can leave scars. Luckily these are a jellyfish that appears in autumn and the sea temperature is too cold for all except the bravest souls. That said take care to avoid them if they wash up.


Dont forget to sign up for a seashore walk where we can explore other less threathening animals and plants that live there.


Marie-Louise HeffernanJellyfish Warning!

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