Boost your metabolism with Dillisk

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Dillisk (Palmaria palmata) a  healthy tasty free sea vegetable a good source minerals containing all the trace elements needed by humans is washing up daily on the beach here in Renvyle. Iodine is found in dillisk and it helps to regulate metabolism through the thyroid gland and can play a critical role in weight loss or gain and in energy levels. I must say that I can feel a positive buzz and lift in my energy levels after eating dillisk and other iodine rich seaweeds.

Dillisk grows attached to the stipes of Laminaria (oarweed) or to rocks. This time of the year the laminaria is breaking off and washing up on the beach with lots of dilisk(or dulse as it is also called) washing up too.

Although it is normally eaten dried, fresh dillisk is so versatile that it can be used in soups, stews, pan-fried with butter or my favourite at the moment is a simple omelette.


Recipe for Dillisk Omelette

Beat two eggs, add a dash of milk and season.

Fry two sliced mushrooms pour on the egg mixture

Wash the dillisk and remove any hard bits chop the soft weed. Throw on top of the egg mix fold over cook and serve when done. How easy was that !


Photo Guide

Step 1.

Pick up Dillisk from clean Connemara shore. Wash off sand.


Step 2.

Throw it on your omelette mix. Cook.


Step 3.

Serve and eat.


Step 4.

Enjoy a boost to metabolism and your health!


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Marie-Louise HeffernanBoost your metabolism with Dillisk

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  1. Jonathan (All Things Connemara)

    Hi Mary Louise,

    A huge BIG thank you, for what was a great insight to our local Geology, Wildlife and Seaweeds . Your explanations and tastings of what’s on our doorstop where truly an edible delight, I especially liked the dried sea lettuce on cheese and crackers. Can’t wait to preparing some of your suggestions which I see are all over your blogs. We look forward to promoting your tours and events, to which anyone will enjoy food, feelings and a fondness to which #Connemara on the #WildAtlanticWay is at its best.

    Kind regards

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